We ARE the People - Standard Postcard

We ARE the People - Standard Postcard

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We ARE the People


The preamble to the United States Constitution begins with the words “We the People of the United States.” During the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 55 delegates at a Constitutional Convention wrote the Constitution which was signed on September 17 of that year. While the infamous words which became the cornerstone of our democracy, still holds true today, the demographics of the United States have changed significantly since that summer. We the People today look very different from we the people of that year. This design should bring to the forefront every American, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, abled or disabled or any other discriminatory factor, each and every one of us are the people of the United States of America. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. Never forget the all-inclusive heart and soul of our constitution when wearing or displaying this design.

This product is designed by and is solely owned by Just Dandy Stuff.

Share a story on our social media platforms your pride to be an American and how you choose each and every day to show all human lives matter. Remind your fellow neighbors the one fundamental truth in this great land – We ARE the People of the United States of America. Start a conversation how each of us are individuals among the masses and should be accepted and how diversity is the only American way.

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These postcards are made from thick high-quality matte paper, so they serve as a great addition to a gift or just a thoughtful written note to a friend.
• 4/4 full bleed
• 300 GSM
• Paper thickness: 0.13″ (0.34 mm)
• Laminated feel
• White matte back with a small QR code or a bar code
• Blank product sourced from the US